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NEXT Meeting:

March 3, 2015
6:30 pm

Briarwood School
12207 Whittington

Tentative Agenda:

Previous January Meeting - Guest Speaker:  Steve Hupp of the Bayou Preservation Association - Speaking on the Memorial Park Demonstration Project.

For more information regarding Bayou Preservation Association's perspective regarding the Memorial Park Demonstration Project, please click

For more information regarding Save Buffalo Bayou, presenting an opposing perspective, please click

Previous December Meeting - Guest Speaker: Susan Chadwick of Save Buffalo Bayou.

Previous November Meeting - Guest Speaker: Community Association Institute's Stephanie Ferrante to provide guidance for managing business services, governance services and community services.  

Houston Parks & Recreation Department Parks Master Plan Phase II

HPARD is in the process of evaluating and adjusting the City's Parks Master Plan. This plan will provide HPARD with guidance for the growth of the parks system for the next twenty years. It is designed to be a living document and is evaluated, updated and adjusted every five years to keep it current.

Since the last update, the City of Houston park system has been divided into 21 Park Sectors. This update will assess park needs within these sectors.

As a resident who uses the park system, your input is needed. You can participate and help us shape the Parks Master Plan by:

  1. Taking a survey on park usage and needs by park sector. Survey available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HPARDMasterPlanSurvey 
  2. Attending Upcoming Community Meetings. Please visit www.houstonparks.org for information on Community Meetings as they are scheduled. 
  3. Signing up for updates on the Park Master Plan and Community Meetings at parksmasterplan@houstontx.gov.

 To determine your Park Sector:

  1. Visit http://mycity.houstontx.gov/public/
  2. From the MyCity Map Viewer Bar, click on the Layers Icon and select the Parks Sectors layer from the dropdown menu
  3. Click on the Locate Address Bar, enter your address and zip code to find your park sector number

For a Spanish translation of this email, please visit


Subject: Terry Hershey Park Surveying Contract
April 2014 Update from HCFCD

Surveying Update as of April 4, 2014:

Below is information about the next phase of surveying on Harris County Flood Control District right-of-way along Buffalo Bayou in the Terry Hershey Park area:

Next week, the Harris County Flood Control District, through its consultant, Brooks & Sparks, Inc., and their surveyors West Belt Surveying, Inc., will start the next phase of its surveying effort within Flood Control District right-of-way along the stretch of Buffalo Bayou between Dairy Ashford Road and N. Kirkwood Road.  Surveying crews will be on Flood Control District Flood Control District right-of-way during this effort.  

This is a continuation of surveying that started in December 2013, but was temporarily suspended in January 2014 due to the lack of identifying leaves on the trees during the winter.  The work effort remains the same:

  • Cataloging individual trees (height, crown diameter and condition)
  • Cataloging notable understory, grasses and flowering plants
  • Locating and identifying trails (paved and unpaved) and fences


The survey effort is being led by a surveyor with academic and professional experience in forestry and will be coordinated with the Flood Control District’s urban foresters. Timing of the survey may be influenced by weather.


Update on Initial Surveying Work

In the initial phase of the surveying effort (Dec. 8, 2013 – Jan. 24, 2014), approximately 8 acres of topography and vegetation were surveyed in Flood Control District right-of-way on Buffalo Bayou between N. Eldridge Parkway and Dairy Ashford Road.  The Flood Control District's urban forestry staff reviewed data collected to ensure fulfillment of the scope of work and worked with the consultant to provide guidance and suggestions for the continuation of the survey effort. 


Goal of Surveying Effort

By understanding the survey data collected, the Flood Control District will be able to better define how to manage multipurpose usage of its land resources, including forest preservation and enhancement, public recreation uses, and flood risk reduction strategies.


If specific flood damage reduction projects are identified in the future, the Flood Control District will conduct additional environmental investigations and public outreach before proceeding. This surveying effort is limited to data gathering and is not associated with any imminent construction.


Please sign up to receive updates at www.hcfcd.org/THPSurveyingContract/

Surveying Update as of February 7, 2014:

"Crews began surveying on the south side of Buffalo Bayou just downstream of
N. Eldridge Pkwy. on December 8, 2013.  As of January 24, 2014,
approximately 8 acres of topography and vegetation survey have been
completed.  The Harris County Flood Control District has received
preliminary drawings and data from its consultant for that work, which are
under review by surveying and urban forestry staff at the Flood Control
 to ensure fulfillment of the work effort.  

Upon completion of this initial review, the Flood Control District's
comments will be shared with the consultant.  The consultant will then
provide updated drawings and data, and the Flood Control District will
analyze the findings.  Additional survey activity is not anticipated in the
next several weeks.

Survey Results: Upon completion and analysis of ALL surveying activity
(which includes additional surveying beyond the initial 8 acres), the Flood
Control District plans to make the a summary of survey results available in
an electronic format, to post the information on the District's website at

www.hcfcd.org, and to provide information and gather feedback at one or more
community meetings. We will provide notice to our email subscription list 
survey results are available and a community meeting is planned."

Please sign up to receive updates at www.hcfcd.org/THPSurveyingContract/ 


The FY15 CIP Draft currently includes the full reconstruction of Kirkwood from Buffalo Bayou to Westheimer.

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in the 311 campaign as well as those who voiced concerns during the past few CIP meetings.

Kirkwood CIP

Complete FY15 CIP Draft

If you attend the District G hosted CIP event 2/13/2014, Thursday night at 6:30 in Stratford High School, please express your appreciation to Public Works & Engineering / Rebuild Houston / City Council Members for addressing the need to reconstruct Kirkwood.



Click on the hyperlink above to reach the actual petition.


Click on the hyperlink above for background information.

The Harris County Commissioners Court met on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.  The agenda (released on November 8th) for the meeting included the following item for the Flood Control District: "Brooks & Sparks, Inc., in the amount of $250,000 for engineering services to achieve a better understanding of both the topographic and ground cover conditions, including trees, along the south bank of Buffalo Bayou, Unit W100-00-00 between Eldridge Parkway and Wilcrest Drive in Precinct 3 (UPIN000900W1P006)."

You may view the County Commissioners Court Meeting by clicking on the link below:

Harris County Commissioners Court - November 12, 2013

CHARTING BUFFALO - February 8, 2012 Draft
(76 mb - must be downloaded from Google Drive - takes a bit)

The study has been suspended since February 10, 2012.  The Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council SUPPORTS many options within Charting Buffalo including the Clodine Regional Detention Basin, Expansion of the TxDot Basin on Turkey Creek at I-10 and the 12505 Memorial Detention Basin due to the need to acquire the necessary acre-feet of water storage to reduce the threat of flood damage.  We have never opposed the study or discussion (despite being excluded from the steering committee), we have opposed the options for detention in Terry Hershey Park and called for the priority to be placed on the superior alternatives.

BFSN presentation from 2011
(visuals and videos make loading take at least a minute)

Notes from phone conservations between BFSNC President and Commissioner Radack and Assistant Director Potok

Jacob Hershey Forest
(excerpt from 2013 BFSNC Letter to Mayor)

Buffalo Bayou Detention Basin / Clodine Regional Detention Basin Information
(excerpt from 2013 BFSNC Letter to Mayor)

HC Flood Control District Responds to Strong Community Opposition
(Nov 14, 2013 - Fox 26)

Opposition to excavation in Terry Hershey Park grows
(Nov 14, 2013 - KHOU 11 News)

HCFCD introduces concepts to alleviate flooding in Harris County
(Nov 11, 2013 - Cypress Creek Mirror)
If HCFCD can build a reservoir in Waller County to help the Cypress Creek area, HCFCD can build a regional detention basin in Fort Bend County for the Buffalo Bayou watershed.

Fight over forest flares again
(December 17, 2013 - Houston Chronicle)



In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the status of flood damage reduction strategies outlined in the Harris County Flood Control District’s “Charting Buffalo” draft report, we want to inform you of the pending start of a surveying effort on Flood Control District right-of-way along the south side of Buffalo Bayou in Terry Hershey Park, between N. Eldridge Parkway and N. Wilcrest Drive.
Survey crews are scheduled to begin work next week. Attached is an informational postcard that provides additional details, a map of the survey area and a link to the Flood Control District’s Terry Hershey Park Surveying Contract webpage -  www.hcfcd.org/THPSurveyingContract/ - where you can find additional information and sign up for survey updates.  Please note that the webpage is a work in progress, and information will be posted as it becomes available.
The Flood Control District identified the need for 1,300 acre-feet of stormwater detention volume on Buffalo Bayou upstream of Beltway 8 during its Charting Buffalo visioning process. Included in the draft Charting Buffalo report are several options for providing stormwater detention in the upper reaches of Buffalo Bayou, including the concept of developing additional stormwater storage areas in Terry Hershey Park.
We appreciate your interest in this survey effort and will strive to provide information as it is available.
If you have a question or need additional information, please contact our Project and Study Information Line at 713-684-4040."




Over 40 residents attended the Mobility Plan workshop on October 15th at Wolf Elementary to learn about the study and to provide input. 

The Public Meeting #1 Presentation is available here.

Concerns were expressed regarding the short duration of the study - the timeline being limited by budgetary concerns.  While area management districts have had more extensive opportunities for input, residents are still encouraged to give their perspective and suggestions for important transportation and infrastructure decisions. 

It is important to provide your input as soon as possible.  One way you may do so is by using "Crowdmap".  The Crowdmap instructions may be found here.  You may access Crowdmap through this link.  Make your voice heard.


Among the suggestions posed by our delegates during the workshop was the use of satellite parking and use of buses for transporting employees working in Energy Corridor or Westchase District offices.  Unfortunately, data was not made available regarding the number of such employees, their primary transit routes, number of vehicles involved, available parking at Metro lots, etc.  Without specific data on any area transportation or infrastructure issues or needs, stakeholders were limited to making only general suggestions or observations based on anecdotal evidence.

The Houston-Galveston Area Council's description of their study is below:

"The Greater West Houston area, home to nearly 660 thousand residents and 388 thousand jobs, has seen significant growth over the last 20 years.  


H-GAC has initiated a comprehensive transportation and land use study for West Houston. The Greater West Houston Subregional Planning Initiative will examine strategies for improving travel on the region's freeways, toll roads and surface streets, as well as transit, pedestrian and bicycle systems. H-GAC invites the public to a meeting on October 15.

The study will collect information to analyze existing land use and envision future land-use scenarios (including protection of environmentally sensitive areas and green spaces). A series of short, medium and long range projects will be identified to help improve mobility throughout the study area, which is bound by FM 529 to the north including the US 290/Beltway 8 interchange area, SH 99/Grand Parkway to the west, the Campbell/ Blalock/Fondren corridor to the east and Bellaire Boulevard to the south.


The public will have an opportunity to participate through public meetings scheduled over the next seven months. An online survey is available at www.mywesthouston.com."

(This is a large file saved on Google.  You will have to download to your computer to see the letter without color and font distortion)


1801 S. Dairy Ashford Renovation
1801 South Dairy Ashford, a location long considered an eyesore and a pocket of blight out of character with the surrounding neighborhood, has changed hands and is now owned by David Z. Mafrige Interests (DZMI).   

Council Member Pennington and his staff have been working for many months with DZMI to facilitate streamlined permitting, some sign code waivers, wastewater capacity issues, and to make sure issues regarding the many outstanding unpaid administrative citations got addressed in a timely manner by the administration.  District G was “sworn to secrecy” until after the purchase was finalized.  DZMI is investing a substantial amount of money into this project.

Andrew Clark, DZMI’s President, says to expect the renovation to take approximately six months.  The steel needed for reconstructing sections of the building will take up to six weeks to arrive, but contractors will be moving forward with other aspects of the renovation in the meantime. 

Save Our Forest Mission Statement

Save Our Forest Sample Letter

This BFSNC slideshow presentation provides our
perspective regarding the best approach to flood reduction 
in Reach One. 
Click on the link above and wait for the document to load.
(visuals and videos make loading take a minute or so)



(click the link above for further information)

"Group seeks to reforest Franklow Park"
by Annette Baird - Houston Chronicle

We've been working hard for over a year to "save our forest", now it's time to plant a forest!


What will happen to the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood during a Category 5 hurricane?

The City of Houston Storm Risk Calculator 
(click on the hyperlink above)
Eric Berger (the "SciGuy") discusses the new tool here.

Alison Cook's Top 100 Houston Restaurants (click the hyperlink) includes several within our own neighborhood and a few more nearby.  Check out some of our great local eateries before needlessly adding mileage to your car!

The Lemon Tree - 12591 Whittington Dr. (Peruvian)
Rioja - 11920 Westheimer Road (Spanish)
Cafe Pita - 10890 Westheimer Road (Bosnian)
Right across the street (turf HPD claims for some reason belongs to us)
Kasra - 9741 Westheimer (Persian)
The Burger Guys - 12225 Westheimer Road
Kitty-corner to our neighborhood
Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen - 12637 Westheimer Road
North of the Bayou
Pizaro's Pizza - 14028 Memorial Drive




The Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council (BFSNC) was officially recognized by the City of Houston on August 11, 2009. BFSNC founders and family listened as Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Sue Lovell, District G Council Member Pam Holm and the Houston City Council declared August 11th to be “Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Day.”

The original application to the City for beginning the BFSNC’s formation process was made in October, 2007. Over the next two years, organizers worked to build support for the creation of the council and to strengthen the network necessary for broad and sustained success. Today, BFSNC, with twenty-eight council delegates representing an equal number of civic associations and stakeholders, is one of the largest of all of the 53 recognized super neighborhood councils in Houston.

The BFSNC set to work immediately after approving its by-laws on June 29, 2009. The Council has enjoyed some early success and is working to maintain its present momentum moving forward.

As a stakeholder within the boundaries of the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood there are several ways you can participate in the Super Neighborhood.  If you are an HOA, non-profit, business or education organization, you are eligible to be represented on the Super Neighborhood Council by a voting delegate.  If you would like to join the Council please send an email to
briarforestsn18@sbcglobal.netThere are no dues associated with the Super Neighborhood.  All residents within the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood boundaries are eligible and encouraged to participate on a committee.  There is no requirement to be on the Council to participate on a committee.

For more information regarding the Super Neighborhood system, please review the the official City of Houston
Super Neighborhoods website.

The Council's Regular General Sessions are open to the public and BFSNC meeting days are announced on the home page in advance.


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