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Our forests in the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood are being threatened with destruction.  The City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District plan to deforest our region in order to build detention basins.  

There are a number of different entities involved and more than one plan.  This site will endeavor to provide information regarding all of the parties involved.

For updates and current information since January, 2012, please refer to On the Bayou


Below, you will find the following BFSN Council Information:

  • Resolutions passed by the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council (BFSNC) during its November, 2011 meeting
  • Initial requested alternative plan for flood control presented to the Mayor in October, 2011
  • Link to the on-line petition (please sign and make your voice heard)
  • Description of the two main government entities involved, who they are, what they want, and why  
  • Documents directly and indirectly related to the matter at hand.
  • See also the BFSNC presentation - Keep the Forest in Briar Forest

This is your neighborhood, your backyard, your property values, your tax dollars, your forests, and your quality of life
You have a right to know what is occurring, a right to be heard and a right to provide meaningful input.

Heathlake Forest in Briar Forest

Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council Resolutions Passed November 15, 2011:

  • The Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council, in agreement with and in support of Lakeside Island Home Owners Association, Cove Creek Corporation, Walnut Bend Home Owners Association, Lakeside Improvement Association, Heathlake Home Owners Association and Ashford Community Association, opposes the construction of detention basins on the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou in the locations known as Lakeside Forest, Ashford Forest and Heathlake Forest.
  • The Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council supports Harris County Flood Control District's alternative locations for detention basins in Reach One of the Charting Buffalo study - the Clodine Ditch Detention Basin and the southern Deerwood Detention Basin.
  • The Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council supports preserving the present greenbelt on the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou for badly needed habitat and for its current uses as a park including hike and bike trails, mountain bike trails and low impact trails.  Due to the existence of viable and superior alternatives, the Briar Forest Super Neighborhood Council opposes construction of detention basins on the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou within BFSN boundaries by any government entity.

The Ant Hills west of Wilcrest

Neighborhood Request for Alternative Plan:

In preparation for an October 20, 2011 meeting between the BFSNC and Mayor Parker, neighborhood leaders generated a plan providing alternatives to PWE's six detention basins on the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou.  The alternative plan was based on and made use of information provided by the Harris County Flood Control District at the October 5th Charting Buffalo Stakeholder meeting. 

The plan was presented to the Mayor and Public Works & Engineering Director Daniel Krueger.  This plan presents two locations capable of serving the entire projected needs of both the Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston in our area.  See the plan as presented to the Mayor 
here.  More detailed information is found in the PWE - Who, What and Why document below.  The BFSNC has adapted its approach based on new information and changes regarding specific requests can be found by reading On the Bayou from January, 2012 forward.

Heathlake Forest near the Robin Loop
Neighborhood Petition:

During the October BFSNC meeting with Mayor Parker, neighborhood leaders initiated a petition drive to call for the protection of the forest area on the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou within the super neighborhood boundaries.

You may access and sign the on-line version of the petition by clicking on the link below.

Save the Terry Hershey Park Forest On-Line Petition
The Ant Hills between Wilcrest and Kirkwood

What is going on and who is involved?  What are the reasons?  What are the alternatives?  Read below to see who the players are and what they are doing and planning:

City of Houston Public Works & Engineering (PWE) plans to rip out the forest and build six detention basins along the southern banks of Buffalo Bayou.

The project is fully funded by the City of Houston and will move forward when approved by Harris County. 

Learn about PWE, its plans, the interrelationship with Harris County, why it is doing what it is doing to our forest, why what it is doing is not necessary, and find out what you can do about it. 

Please click on PWE - Who, What and Why and take the time to read the many linked documents and letters.

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) is concluding a fast track study related to storm water management.  HCFCD is planning the construction of over thirty detention basins from Highway 6 to Beltway 8. 

Learn about HCFCD and Charting Buffalo, the interrelationship with the City of Houston, why our forest is threatened, and study the available alternatives.  Our forests do not have to be destroyed and you can do something.

Please click on HCFCD - Who, What and Why and take the time to read the internal links.  

Be sure and refer to On the Bayou for more up to date information covering from January, 2012 forward.


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